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Our Narrative

With over twenty years experience in the Kenyan Police Driving Test Unit, Mr. Joypat was determined to put his vast expertise to good use in retirement. He swopped from the 'examiner' side of the table to 'the trainer'. 


He founded Joypat Driving School with one goal in mind -  'providing students the best and most rewarding learning experience'. Since launch in 1999, Joypat has grown from a one instructor, one car enterprise to a sizeable business with a branch, several full time instructors and several cars, motorbike and lorry.


Even with abundant God's providence, Mr.Joypat has not compromised on professionalism nor the student centred approach he started his dream with. Joypat remains a family run organisation with a handful of dedicated team members who put their students at the heart of everything they do. 

In the last twenty years, thousands of Nakuru residents have started their motoring life at Joypat Driving School where they learned to drive safely for life. This has been evidenced by the endless positive feedback we continue to receive.


We however haven't always got it right but, where we have not met the standard, we have worked our hardest to improve.

The pandemic hit us as hard as most businesses around the world but by God's grace we are bouncing back with gusto! We are here working to get more safe drivers on our roads and are continuously finding new ways to improve in doing so.

Come see us, we are located in the town centre and along the Nakuru/Nairobi Highway. Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help learners like you achieve your driving goals.


 Join us today and be part of the JOYPAT NARRATIVE!


A word from OUR CEO

Patterson Marang'a
Founder and CEO

Patterson Marang'a

Founder and CEO

Hi and thank you for stopping by!

After years as a police chief inspector and specialising in the driving test unit, I hang my boots and decided to spend my post retirement years imparting all I had learned to future generations of drivers.

Joypat is truly unique and I do not just say that flippantly or because I am biased. My saying this is because, whilst making a living is naturally essential to us, so is being an organisation that truly cares for its students.

As a believer, I have nurtured a Christian values-orientated organisation, with loving thy neighbour as self as THE CORE VALUE. This is a family run business that offers familiarly warm services. Family is and always has been at the heart of Joypat.

By God’s grace, Joypat continues to move from strength to strength. May I also take this opportunity to convey my special gratitude to our amazingly dedicated team of staff because without them Joypat would not be where it is today. 

It is a blessing to serve the residents of Nakuru and being part of developing current and future safe motorists. Come and be part of our success.


Yours Truly,


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